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Deciphering the Leagues of Votann 2022 transfer sheet

Here is the new transfer sheet for the Leagues of Votann. This transfer sheet is available with the Army set. I think the symbols themselves are pretty clear as to how they are used but for the rest out there struggling with what these icons represent I present;

Here are the insignia of the five major leagues. These smaller icons can be used on the Hearthkyn Warriors but not reason they couldn't be attached to other units like the Kahl or Einhyr Champion. I do think these are intended for the Hearthkyn as there are 10 icons per league.

Next on the transfer sheet we have various sized icons of which I feel are for the Hernkyn Pioneers or other similar sized units like the Brokhyr Thunderkyn or Einhyr Hearthguard. The bigger icons I think are for the bikes or vehicles.

With the larger icons they will fit the larger areas of the bikes and certainly the areas of the Sagitaur ATV and the Hekaton Land Fortress. I also think they could work really well for other features such as terrain or even standards.

In this area of the transfer sheet we have some numbers that are large enough for vehicles and some other creative places.

I'm not entirely sure of these grouped numbers but I would guess they are serial or identification numbers for vehicles. Maybe in the future we will see other models come into being that will utilize these decals.

This grouping of numbers are for the smaller models in the collection like the Hearthkyn warriors and other smaller models. These little fellas are clones after all and they do need to keep them numbered.

In this group of symbols I am assuming they are warning signs for various bikes and vehicles. They could also be Campaign badges or army groupings. I guess you could make up what ever reason you want to include them on your miniatures.

I hope that this helps some of you out there that may have been a bit perplexed as to the meaning of such symbols and where one might put these icons on their models. If you have any other ideas please feel free to share here. Take care of your brushes!


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