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Deciphering the Aeldari 2022 Transfer Sheet

I hope this helps some of the new painters and players to the Aeldari faction in Warhammer 40K. This is to help use the appropriate icons in the appropriate fashion.

This is the Current 2022 Aeldari Transfer Sheet. This is the new sheet of transfers that comes in boxes of new Aeldari kits. There are some additions to the sheet and some elements that are missing from previous sheets.

Aeldari Corsair Faction and Unit Icons

Big icons are for factions of Corsairs. (left to right - Eldritch Raiders, SunBlitz Brotherhood, Unknown, Void Dragons, Unknown). Smaller icons are for the units of Carsair Voidscarred.

Aeldari Farseer and Warlock icons.

Various icons found on both Farseers and Warlocks. these Icons could also be used on the Skyrunner bikes as well.

Aeldari WraithKnight, WraithLord, WraithGuard and WraithBlade icons.

Various infinity symbols for use with the wraith units in the army. The smaller icons fit better with the Wraithblade and Wraithguard units.

Aeldari Aspect Warrior icons.

These icons are for use on the aspect warrior units of the Aeldari warhost. The larger icons are meant for the crimson hunter model.

Aeldari Vehicle and Equipment icons.

These icons are meant for vehicles and otehr pieces like artillery and such. The transfers that have aeldari script are meant as "warning" devices and such. Some can be used around gemstones. Very small icons are meant to be badges as well as warning labels.

Aeldari Craftworld Icons.

These are the common emblems representing the various craftworlds. Only the major craftworlds are represented on this sheet. Older transfer sheets have the smaller craftworld emblems.

Hopefully you found this useful and feel free to leave a comment if this helped or you have something to add to this. See you in the next one.


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