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The Future of Way of the Brush

Some may wonder how things are going with the site and the channel, I can say that things are progressing. Since the transition to independence in august I have created more content for my channel than ever before. I have created a new painting series called Fresh Tips which currently get posted on Youtube every Tuesday and Thursday.

Fresh Tips thumbnail

This series is similar to what I created previously at MWG. Quick Tips was fun to create and was a big reason for a lot of people to join the vault.

I think the success of the series was really the viewer feedback.

Fresh Tips needs your feedback.

For it to be relevant and informative it depends entirely on the viewer. I like working on Fresh Tips and hope people find it useful, I like it because it keeps me painting.

Support has been fantastic and continues to grow. A huge thank you to all who support my efforts!

The goal with Patreon is to reach a point I can create content full time and post at least five days a week. I have given myself a time frame in which to achieve this otherwise I have to go back to finding a regular kind of job... boo urns.

Early on I was having problems with my ISP and was not really able to do more live streaming. I'll be changing that soon. So for those of you out there wanting more content, it will be happening.

The future is looking good. With your support I know we can do a lot of things and maybe share a laugh or two. I think I will end this little update here as I don't remember what else I was going to write here... Oh yeah! Dice will be a thing soon enough. Patrons at certain tiers will get dice for free just as a thank you for your support.

Ok, that's it.

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