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My Experience with Citadel Colour Contrast Paint... so far.

Fistful of possibilities

It all began back when I was invited to a Painters Weekend Event hosted by Games Workshop back in Febuary. This was when I first learned of Citadel Colour Contrast and what could be the future of painting for alot of wargamers. To say the least I was certainly intrigued. To be invited to an event like this was amazing. I started in this hobby back in 1988 and have been a fan of alot of the products of GW for a long time. Getting the opportunity to visit Warhammer World was a dream come true.

Me looking for bits in GW parking lot...

The event was great for another reason, the opportunity to meet other painters from around the planet. They are a supremely talented bunch. The staff that I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with was superb as they are all passioniate about this stuff as well, not to mention Class acts.

Yes, even you John.

Yes, even this guy... ;)

At the event we (the painters) had the chance to use the new Contrast paints and the first thing alot of us said was we wanna try it through a airbrush. At that point we couldn't test that. At that time the contrast paint finished with a matte finish (if i recall correctly) and it was really apparent when testing on top metallics. Kind of like how GW shade (non-gloss) wash finishes on top metallics. If you have tried it, you know what I'm talking about. They currently finish more satin so that is why they sit on metallics well. Immediately when I started to play with the colors I could see this was going to be a hit. The ease at which I could lay down a color on a surface was wonderful. How it flowed into recesses was a joy and felt very familiar. I liked that there were a wide assortment of colors to choose from and thought that would keep this paint line relevant for years to come.

my first test with Citadel Colour Contrast

The thinning medium might really be the hidden gem in this paintline. It would thin the contrast paint without losing viscosity. Meaning as it gets thinned it still flows into details. That is a good thing. I applied thin layers down to slowly build transitions but found myself quickly just slapping it on a surface. It really does make getting paint on a surface easy and to good effect. Is this style of painting for everyone? Of course not!... But for people just entering this hobby it will make getting those armies painted that much simpler. Is this product going to change the nature by which painting is done or percieved? Any experienced painter will tell you No. Experienced painters have been using this sort of effect for a long while. I have shown this effect in many of MiniWarGaming's tutorials and on my personal Youtube channel. Just another tool in the toolbox. For new people this could be the tool that gets them painting... that is a good thing. I personally get behind products I believe in as I produce content with the intention of making painting easier and more enjoyable as a hobby. I try to help people. Citadel Colour Contrast paint will help some people out there who struggle to get painting.

I was given the Contrast paint system early and have just barely scratched the surface as to what can be done with them. I have made a few videos and tutorials showcasing various colors and how they apply to models. I really enjoy the saturation of color they provide and the ease of which they are applied. I look forward to what others will do with them and hope you will share them with me.

Just try them out, you might be surprised by what they could do for you.

Peace oot... as they say in canada.

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