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Something for my Patrons!

So I've been doing a tonne of thinking and how I can make being a supporter of Way of the Brush on Patreon better and adding value to membership.

There have been a few great ideas put forth by some members and I'm thinking those will get implemented soon enough. Everything has a beginning...

So starting Feb 11 2018 I will be doing a bi monthly live session just for my patrons. What is this live session? Well, it won't be Way of the Brush... I'm thinking something more personal. Hobby time together. Just for a hour or two... three? This isn't going to be a version of LateNite Paint Session either, this will be where my patrons get to see the personal projects I'm working on... the Top Secret type of stuff or just the stuff I do just for fun. And this will be tied into our discord channel as well.

There is a lot I'd like to share but I don't. I think this is the perfect way to share.

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